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Forever Vinyl - We recommend stopping at Forever Vinyl. We're not the only one, Rolling Stone Magazine rated them one of the best at finding rare records. Forever Vinyl is one of the best sites to find older out of print records. Since 1976, Scott Neuman has . He can market your website on the internet.

Next up is GEMM.
GEMM is the Global Entertainment Music Mart. A large collection of dealers list their out of print records and cds for sale. Dealers are rated by the buyers. GEMM is a little know site but it should be your first stop when looking for music items.

Type the name of your favorite band or album for bare-bones pricing, used copies, and rarities that you can't find anywhere else.

While GEMM is composed of mostly US dealers that actually have what they say they have and overseas dealers that don't have what they say they have, there is a star overseas and this is Netsounds. Netsounds is like GEMM but mostly composed of UK and Euro dealers. Prices are in UK pounds. The search is a little bulky but the service works. Click here to visit Netsounds

Next up is EBay. If you haven't heard of the site, you've been living under a rock. Ebay contains over 2 million lists of everything from Cars to Barbie Dolls. Sign up today for an account. There are over 3 million users and they let you buy or sell anything musically related. (Or anything else for that matter). Ebay is the 2nd stop when looking for music items. We'll also give you a little tip. If you want something on Ebay, You'll probably have to do what is called a SNIPE bid to get what you want. This is how it works. NEVER NEVER bid on an item on Ebay until the last 30 seconds(20 or 10 if you're really good). When you sign up for an account with Ebay(cost nothing to sign up), you'll get a username and password. Ebay lets you save up to 20 auctions that you can track from your user account. With about 5 minutes left in the auction, open two windows of the Ebay auction you want to bid on. One window will allow you to refresh the screen every minute. The other window should be set up with the most you'll pay for the item. DON'T bid just yet, just set the window up so that you can click "BID NOW" and the bid will be sent without having to type anything else. Go back to the first window and when you get down to the last 30 seconds, do that last refresh. Now move to the other window and click "Bid Now". Assuming that you are the highest bidder or you've bid the most you're going to for this item, your bid will be the last possible bid that can be placed. No one will have time to over bid your final bid and you'll normally win the auction. Remember that you're not the only person that might want this item and SNIPING is a time honored practice on most auction sites. This is why you have to bid the most you'll pay for an item. To sign up for Ebay, please click on the link below.

Click here for great deals at eBay!

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